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Pain and Injuries

Acupuncture is effective in helping to alleviate many of your common pain complaints. From acute to chronic pain we combine acupuncture, Neuroacupuncture. massage, hot rock therapy and manual therapy techniques to treat your condition. We specialize in the treatment of injuries caused by sports, work related incidents, household accidents, over-use and motor vehicle accidents.


Our doctors treat the side effects from conventional cancer treatment. We have worked closely with the Oncology community for over 15 years so we understand what it is that a person needs to combat a devastating disease. Acupuncture and its related therapies help with nausea, appetite, fatigue, weight loss, and pain. We offer Oncology Massage which is a specialized approach to aiding a person in their recovery from cancer treatment. 

Diet and Lifestyle

We offer guidance on the best foods for an individual and how to combine foods. We have found that the key to health and weight control is not only in what a person eats but how food is combined. Proper food combining increases a persons metabolism and ensures the greatest nutrient extraction from what we eat.


Women's Health
Migraines and Headaches


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