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About Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine


Oriental Medicine provides a comprehensive approach to evaluating both health and disease. This highly evolved medicine has developed over a time period of more than five thousand years. Oriental Medicine is the practice of Acupuncture, Herbs, Diet, Nutrition, Hot/cold Therapies, Tuina (Asian manual therapy) and Exercise.

We believe in a gentle approach to Acupuncture treatments. Our technique uses the thinest needles available. Many patients report very little sensation from the insertion of the needles. The treatment itself is so relaxing that most patients fall asleep during their session.

The office is comfortable and professional and the treatment rooms are relaxing. Our staff understands that the patient's needs come first. They return your calls promptly and will help you with your insurance questions to determine if you have benefits that will help cover your treatments.



Common conditions benefited from our treatments

Acute and Chronic Pain ~ Headaches and Migraines ~ Fatigue ~ Chronic Illness

Sleep Disorders ~ Side Effects from Cancer Treatment ~ Nausea ~ Diet

Digestive Disorders ~ Women's Health ~ Seasonal Allergies

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